Your Colorpuncture treatment will last 45 minutes to an hour.  It may be

the best time of your day!

We’ll talk about what you’d like to address during your appointment. 

Colorpuncture,  a German therapy created by Peter Mandel, treats the

body, mind and spirit and we can address any number of concerns.

After your intake the next step is a Kirlian photograph.  This is a photo of the

electromagnetic energy field of each finger and it allows us to see the energy

disturbance that is causing your discomfort, illness or disease.  The Kirlian
photograph helps us to trace the origin, or cause, of your symptom.  Elizabeth combines the functional diagnosis from the Kirlian photo with Oriental pulse taking and an Oriental clinical diagnosis to create a holistic treatment plan that is individualized to best develop your power to self regulate and self heal.     

Colored light is placed directly on the skin and absorbed into the body.  Each color has a specific frequency, or vibration, that sends precise information to the brain.  The brain then distributes the information to the body via hormones and neurotransmitters.  The light is also carried along the acupuncture meridians and reflex zones to specific cells of the body.  With the impulse of light these cells begin to balance and relearn their correct, healthy vibration.

 Other tools may also be used.  Elizabeth can regulate your brainwaves to return them to a healthy pattern.  She uses colorpuncture to treat any physical ailment from a cold or sinus problems to systemic illnesses as serious as MS.  It is possible to stimulate dreaming or love with a Colorpuncture session.  Children love Colorpuncture and respond quickly.  Please ask for what you’d like.   

 Most people leave the session feeling refreshed, relaxed and happy.  Often pain, both physical and emotional, is reduced if not gone.