Dr. Carr has been in private practice in Naples since 1996.  In 1995 she was Board Certified in acupuncture by the NCCAOM, the national organization of Oriental Medicine.  In 1995 she was also licensed as an Acupuncture Physician by the State of Florida.

Dr. Carr’s practice consists of Japanese acupuncture and Colorpuncture (treating with infrared and colored light). These modalities are used individually or together.

Early in her career Elizabeth specialized in treating chronic pain, chronic conditions and undiagnosable illnesses.  Many MDs refer patients to her.  In 2007 Elizabeth added the Colorpuncture treatment of children as a specialty.

Volunteering is important to Dr. Carr.  From 1997-1998 she donated her services to the Lee County Health Department McGregor HIV & AIDS Clinic. Since December of 1999 she has provided services for members of the Southwest Florida MS Center’s Wellness Program.

Elizabeth taught chromotherapy and injection therapy classes for many years.  Elizabeth is the American importer of the Molimed light pens and other equipment for color therapies.  She is also available for speaking engagements.  


5051 Castello Dr. Suite 15

Naples,  FL  34103

Molimed Products

Photos by Jodi Pree Photography

Elizabeth is the US distributor for Molimed light pens and other products.